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Waterbury Community Kollel

This Kollel can be considered the elite forces of Waterbury. In 2019, the Yeshiva formed a new Kollel, inviting a nucleus of ten Talmidei Chachomim of the highest caliber to join the Yeshiva. 

The Avreichim learn in the same Bais Medrah as the Bochurim, serving as important role models for those seeking to advance in their learning to the highest degree. The Kollel also brings a new perspective to the children of the community
who look up to them.

Our divisions

Kollel Ateres Chaya Raizel

Many of our Alumni chose to settle in Waterbury after their marriage. KACR was established for our married students and functions as part of the Waterbury Bais Medrash. The Kollel has an added dimension of hosting a Kollel Mechanchim in the afternoons. The Rebbbeim and Mechanchim of the community join the Kollel for second seder.

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Bais Medrash

The Bais Medrash of Waterbury is home to some of the finest Bnei Torah of refined character. After having advanced through the rigors of their first year of post-High School in Eretz Yisroel, the Waterbury Bais Medrash Bochurim broaden their grasp in learning at the highest levels.
Although the young men enter the Bais Medrash as Bochurim, many stay on after their marriage choosing to establish their homes anchored to Yeshiva.

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Mesivta High School

Waterbury Mesivta, situated in Durham Connecticut is under the leadership of its Menahel Rabbi Doniel Kalish, and its Rosh Mesivta, Rabbi Shimon Yanofsky. This highly acclaimed Yeshiva High School is home to adolescents who thrive outside the confines of conventional schooling. Many of them have lost faith in their own abilities due to adverse experiences in their youth. On a sprawling campus of 55 acres, 185 bachurim spend the most important years of formative education secluded and free of distractions. In this warm environment, they bond with their dedicated teachers and supervisors who work to restore a sense of belief and self-dignity within their students. The results are astounding. It is the only institution of its kind where boys can enter, and irrespective of their background, they invariably emerge with a drive to succeed. Teenagers who were previously too unmotivated to wake up in the morning can be seen at Durham Campus stretching the limits of personal
achievement, driven by a renewed sense of self-worth. At Durham, boys look forward to the sunshine. They wake up each morning enthused, braced to take on any challenges that they may face.

Our divisions

Yeshiva K’tana

Yeshiva K’tana of Waterbury is unique in that it offers an excellent, comprehensive dual curriculum in both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies. In order to enhance the general knowledge of the students throughout the year, YKW provides many extracurricular programs offered such as computers, seasonal crafts and library as well as many exciting science, history and literary projects throughout the year. In addition, broad spectrum of skills are taught, such as computer literacy, that will enable the students to enter the world as upstanding, well-rounded young adults

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